Monday, July 4, 2011

Day #114 - Garlic Scape Pesto & Roasted Kohlrabi - yummy!

Good morning friends and best wishes to you all for a wonderful 4th of July!

There will be a barbeque at the Whitt household this evening, after mama Whitt runs to get our veggies from the CSA this afternoon!  While trying to finish up last week's goodies, I had to find some recipes for somethings new to me: garlic scapes and kohlrabi!

I'd been chopping up the garlic scapes and tossing them in stirfry dishes and salads for a couple of weeks, but I needed to move a larger amount.  So, I did the modern thing and Googled it!  Wow, found some GREAT ideas!  Started off chopping some up and then freezing it for later.  I'll let you know how that goes - sometimes freezing isn't the best idea, BUT it's been good for the herbs I've been getting every week, so it's worth a try.  I've been toying around with an idea what I did with most of it: garlic scape pesto! 

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All I did was to rough chop the scapes, about 1/2 - 3/4 cup or so and toss them into the food processor, pulsing till they were finely chopped.  Then I drizzled olive oil in and sent that flying some more.  Lastly, some grated parmesan, about 1/4 cup or so (I am VERY exact when I!), again, more pulsing and a bit of scraping to get a good consistency.  I added a bit more olive oil, as I had added too much cheese (oh wait, is there such a thing as too much cheese?) and then put in a plastic container for storage in the frig. 

OMG....first, the smell is amazing when you are chopping and processing it, secondly, mix with butter and spread on bread for garlic bread???  Yah, baby!  Incredible!  Tossed a spoonful into hubby's chicken salad and ZING!!  It was so tasty!  I am thinking it would be great in an omelet ... which I will probably try this morning - at the current rate of consumption we will have no problem keeping vampires away!

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The second item I was playing around with was kohlrabi.  I'd never even brought any into the house before, so this was an experiment from the get go!  I considered trying a recipe for an apple-kohlrabi slaw, but I decided roasted was going to be my first attempt because: A) the oven was already going to need to go on for the garlic bread and B) Have you ever roasted anything with olive oil and garlic (scapes) that wasn't good? 

So, I chopped the kohrabi up, tossed it with olive oil, garlic scapes and onions and put it all in the oven.  I stirred it a few times and voila!  I forgot to mention it was purple, so that looked rather lovely when it was done.  I ended up sprinkling it over my chicken/boc choi/rotini mixture and it was oh so good!

Well, as I mentioned, tonight is a bbq with the fam, so there is cleaning to do and food prepare, so I am off for the day, friends!  I wish you all the best and be safe today (and every day!)

Bon appetite!

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