Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day #123 - Fresh Chicks Market and CSA goodies! YUM YUM!

Good morning, friends!

It's Tuesday and that means I was at the market yesterday!  YEA!  It was another lovely, but warm July day in NH.  I believe it was close to 90 degrees (87, to be exact) but there was a lovely breeze most of the day.  My youngest DD was with me (see photo) and helped set things up.  Pop up tents are soooo much easier with two! 

Met an old friend, Barb and her daughter there - they were telling me all about the Monadnock Crafters Guild to which her daughter belongs.  Thought I might pop in and check it out!  One of the things I've noticed is that every time I am there, I meet another friend who didn't know I dealt in fabric!   Keep handing out the cards, baby! 

My friend Laurie, the incredible baker, had croutons, so a bag of those made their way into my world - they will be gracing some salad later today!  Since we are all home through the late afternoon today, we're going to have "dinner" at noon - something with chicken and PLENTY of veggies!  Check out this stash:

My basket was brimming with incredible yummies from Tracie's Farm: beets, lettuce, broccoli, green onions, bok choi, 2 kinds of peas, radishes, kohlrabi and thyme.  I grabbed some kale, swiss chard & basil from the farm store to add to the mix! 

I've never cook/tried/eaten kale before...so I did a bit of Googling and think I may try kale soup!  How can anything with potatoes be bad?  Or maybe some kale crisps?  Kale and cheese, again, how can that NOT  be good?

Photo from recipe at above link!

I am thinking I'll try something with the beet greens - they are so pretty!  I LOVE roasted beets, so perhaps... and talk about "pretty"?  I sprang for the swiss chard because the colorful stalks caught my eye!  The great part?  I have a chunk of time today to "hit the kitchen" and so... I'm off!  I think there is an omelet calling my name!

I will leave you with my favorite shot of the day, yesterday - best part: she had NO idea I took her picture!  This is DD, with some time on her hands, giving hand embroidery a try! 

Quilty hugs!

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