Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day #113 - Interviews are making me think...

Good morning, blogging friends!
Another day of softball in our world, but a quick posting before I head out - wouldn't want you to worry where I was!  :o)

I have had several responses to my call for folks to share their crafting world with us!  It is so cool!  Wait till you get to meet them - you'll love it!  I know I am.  As the title of this posting says, it's made me think a bit: what direction has my creative life taken me?  You know, what have I dabbled in?  What has taken over my life for different periods?

One of the ways you can tell is by looking at my 3 children's Christmas stockings!  All 3 were hand made in 5 year gaps of time.  Rory's was embroidered.  Oodles of little french knots and other various stitches - matches all the other intricate stitching you'd see in other places like the blouse I wore for my high school yearbook photo (hand made blouse... embroidery... late 70's baby!)

Kelly's was cross stitch. question there - you'll find all sorts of examples scattered around the house of THAT time period.  Sometime I will take a picture of the Madonna & Child I made for my Memere, once I have a camera I can use...

Shauna,s, stitching with quilting.  Not a big surprise there, either.  As time had past, I needed crafts that didn't take hours to create.  I didn't have hours for projects anymore - I had 3 children in various stages of development!  Needles laying around could be dangerous for inquiring minds and who could possibly keep a cross stitch pattern in mind during THAT period!

There was the scrapbooking period that I truly think was nipped in the bud by the digital age of NOT having a zillion photos to crop and paste, though I am always concerned about losing all I have on this computer....

Now?  I am back to fabric - rather where I started 40 years ago when my memere and mom taught me to sew.  How about you?  Where has your journey taken you?  If I get to interview you, perhaps we'll all know!

Quilty hugs on this lovely day,

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