Friday, July 22, 2011

Day #133 - "How-To" Using chalk cloth to make bunting/banners

Good morning!

I promised yesterday that I would give a How-To for making the chalk cloth banners mentioned yesterday.  Here you go:

To make the bunting/banners you need the following (quantity = how many you want to make!)

4" square blocks of chalkcloth (you can acually make them any size you want!) 
*** special note: DO NOT GET THE CHALKCLOTH NEAR THE IRON!!! (unless you like melted plastic!)
5" squares of backing fabric (whatever size you make the chalkcloth blocks, make these 1" bigger)
5" squares of iron on interfacing (follow sizing of backing fabric)
scrapbooking grommets & grommet tools OR just a hole punch!
ribbon to string them on

1. Cut out the 5" squares of fabric and interfacing.
2. Iron them together, wrong side of fabric to correct side of the interfacing (shiny side, on the Pellon I am using...oh...and I would realize that because...I tried to do the opposite?????) **Also, try to make them as accurate as possible! My iron smells pretty nasty when it goes on the sticky side of the Pellon!
3. Cut out 4" squares of chalkcloth.
4. Lay the chalkcloth in the center of the backed fabric (right side up) and fold the top and bottom sides into create the border. Clip them with binder clips.
5. Fold the sides in and crease. Then open them and clip at right angle to the square (see picture). Fold the top and bottom sides in and trim it off at an angle to create mitered corner.

6. Sew with a zigzag stitch.
7. To be able to string them, you can either just punch holes with a hole punch (they would be a bit big...perhaps just poke with an awl?) or what I did was to use my "Making Memories" scrapbooking tools and pop some of those colored grommets I have so many of! 
8. Run a ribbon through (I taped the end of the ribbon, like a shoelace, to make lacing easier, then just trimmed it off.)

9. To "fix" your chalkcloth, rub with chalk and wipe off. It's then "ready to use."

Have a great day!

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