Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day #132- "Whitty Crafter" ideas for Chalk cloth

Good morning!
We are about to REALLY hit some summer here today and tomorrow - high 90's!  Stay cool friends!

I thought we could chat this morning about chalk cloth.  Have you ever seen it?  It's GREAT!

I buy it by the yard and use it in all sorts of ways!  You can buy it from and (advantage = other fabric available and on sale... free shipping on orders over $35 right now) or you can win some from me!  :o)

Chalk cloth is sometimes referred to as "oil cloth" but this literally works with chalk and wipes off!

Some uses are:
  • My favorite: activity placemats for children!  
  • I found several reusable tag ideas while surfing the net, some to buy and some to make yourself.
  • as a part of a portfolio/journal/car activity packet
  • use when creating a bulletin board/chalkboard type message center as you can cut it to whatever shape you'd like!
  • a whole blog dedicated to working with oil cloth!  WOW!  That would cover it!  
  • How about the reusable banner blocks I am making in the picture above?   Come by tomorrow for a "how to"!! 

So stay cool, friends!
Chat tomorrow,

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