Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day #112 - Name that column/article/post!

Good morning!
Anyone old enough to remember the show "Name that Tune"?  We used to sit around the TV thinking we were pretty smart naming the songs based on the first few notes!  Think I'd be pretty hard pressed to do it now-a-days, but we try riding in the car - takes me a few more notes, that's all.  Actually, I can sometimes get the lyrics, but often not the name! 

The reason I thought of it was titling this morning's post: "Name that column/article/post".  If you read the blog yesterday, you'll know I got this idea for learning about each other through an online interview posted here. There were immediate responses from several followers, so be looking for the first one in the upcoming week!  I am soooooooo excited to learn more about other creative people!  Aren't you?

I think that creating often is insular, rather like being a school teacher in a classroom, which is my background.  You hear about and see great ideas, but you work on them in isolation, which is fine, I personally need that.  But there needs to be the sharing - it expands your own ideas and takes you in directions you might not of thought of.  You might start with an idea for a bag, perhaps.  Someone says, "Hey, why don't you try using ____ on it!  That would add zing!"  Then you think, "hmmmmm, true, AND I could do...."  You get the picture. 

I also think that we (human beings, but women in particular) tend to minimize what we do and who we are.  "Oh, this old's nothing."  Hence the reason I would like to honor and recognize what other creative folks are doing to make the world a more beautiful place (or at least your living room!!)  It also touches our voyeuristic nature by letting us glimpse, for just a moment into the window of another person's world, their soul.

I am VERY excited that several of you are willing to jump in!  Be watching your email because I WILL be contacting more of you to share with us... you know not when!  :o)

Oh, and I forgot to mention that there will be fabric involved!  Muahahahaha!!  Once a month, I will draw a name from ANYONE I've interviewed to win fabric!!!  YEA!!!  Once you've been interviewed, your name will go into a drawing EVERY month for different fabric treats!  Oh yah, baby!  Now we've sweetened the pot! 

Also, right now I need your creative genius!  As I mentioned at the start of the posting (yes, I digressed a wee bit...) I need help naming the column/article/posting.  I am looking for something catchy, that expresses the idea of this interview concept.  POP ON OVER to my Facebook page and toss your idea into the ring.  THEN ask your friends to stop by and vote for your idea by LIKING your title.  Most votes = new name for column.  OH, and you might happen to see that the lucky/smartie/creative soul who wins gets either $25 to spend on fabric and goodies OR a flat rate filled with headers, their choice!  Come on, don't you want new fabric??? 

Okay, it's softball weekend time!  Off to be a good mommy!
Quilty hugs to you all!

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