Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day #130 - "Whitty Crafters" Ideas for Machine Embroidered Designs!

Good morning, all!

Going to be another hot one, I hear - actually all week!  Yay!

Today I would like to play around with ideas for using the machine embroidered designs I have up for you.  Here they are:

Both of these come from Embroidery Library. They are one of my favs, as many of you know.

There are zillions of uses/projects you can use these for!

  • The "Go Green" is perfect for either incorporating into the design of a shopping bag or stitching to the outside of a bag or two that you already have (what I did!).  I've whipped them up and just added them to bags I use for grocery shopping - shows I'm a proud Memere!  :o)
  • The butterfly is a wonderful addition to any quilting project you have in mind.  I put one into a photo quilt that I made for a wonderful friend battling cancer.  If you do machine embroidery, yuu can download it from Embroidery Library for free!  I've made them in various colors - it's a very straightforward design and a powerful message.
  • I think it would look great framed, on the wall, as well.  We can all use to keep those thoughts in our mind!
  • You could also incorporate them into a wall hanging - print some photos on the special ink jet cloth/paper and surround the embroidery with them!  Add some coordinating fabric and viola!
  • Either design could become the central design in a mug rug or table runner.
  • What other ideas do YOU have?
Well, off to package up some eBay orders!  Woot woot!
Have a wonderful day everyone and stay cool!


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