Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Roll Call... Where are you all from?

Good morning, folks!

We've had so many new friends join us here that I thought it would be great to find out where folks are from.

How about where are you from and what's some things you love about where you live?  Kind of an advertisement for your home town/state/location?

I'll get things started:

The Whitt family lives in southern NH in a small community.  My side of the family has lived in town, as a matter of fact on this same street for several hundred years.  Guess you'd call us "townies".  Many of us live within a mile or two of one another and have for generations.  My son and his family live down the street in my grandparents' home.  My sister and her family live up the road and my mother lives at the top of the hill. My cousins grew up down the road and I married the boy at the end of the street over 30 years ago.  I guess you could say "our roots run deep." 

I enjoy living in a rural community.  It's small, about 1,200 people.  I used to teach at our elementary school of about 100 students.  My children, my husband and our parents were all educated there.  The next generation, my grandchildren, will start there in the fall.  The high school where my husband and I coach (and he teaches) at was OUR high school, that of our children and some day our grandchildren.  You drive by it to get to the local hospital, the dentist and to get groceries or good pizza.

At the same time, cultural opportunities are 1-2 hours away.  I took my youngest to the Currier Art Gallery today in Manchester for one of her college teaching classes and my lovely daughter-in-law flew home from DC to the airport just 45 minutes away tonight.  Want the ocean?  It's an hour.  Love the mountains?  You can be up on the Kangamangus in around 2 hours, a bit less on a good day.

And there's trees.  Lots and lots of trees.  Many are maples that my husband and son tap for Dodge Hill Family Farms. Others, lovely pines, hemlock, and oak that shade us.  It's great.  Really great.  Do we miss things?  Maybe - but we can visit and then come back home to the quiet and the family that we love.  Works for us!

That's a bit about where I live.  How about you?  DON'T feel like you need to write a book.  A sentence will do!

Can't wait to hear about YOU,

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