Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DD's Mixed Media Project - Next Generation!

My youngest daughter is currently finishing her sophomore year in college (whoa... how did THAT happen?!?!) and is studying to be a teacher: 3rd generation. Oddly enough she's transferring (assuming acceptance) to the same college both my dad and I went to, but that's another story.

One of her classes, Arts Integration, required a project, which she had the concept for and started very early, but, like most of us, finished the night before, of course.

Her idea was to mix quilting and photography with help from my new Silhoutte machine. 

The quilt blocks were her very first try at quilting - they came out pretty good!  Luckily her mom has a pretty BIG stash of fabric, so no trips to the store for any of that.

To use my Silhouette, she found sayings about family and printed them on the pen setting, then trimmed and sewed each one by hand onto navy flannel.  They are a little hard to read here - the pen was light blue.

The photography piece is a collage of each person, as well as friends and where we live, sewed by machine onto scrapbook paper with a Silhouette vinyl of each name.

The toughest part was sewing the entire project together.  Everything had to be zigzag stitched so as not to make one big perforation AND done on the machine because, well, it was due the next day!  It would have been GREAT to have an image of THAT part of the process, but with my hands tied up getting it through the machine and hers holding it, that wasn't going to happen!  Let's just say I suggested that if she tried this again, perhaps a bit smaller would be in order...

Overall, it was a powerful piece and will make a great wall hanging... hey, I'd LOVE it!

Have you experimented in mixed media?  What sort of projects have you done?

Have a great day,

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