Friday, April 11, 2014

Free Pattern Friday: Dr Who Style!!

My DD is getting married in a bit over a year.  Both her and hubby are Dr Who fans so I thought a bit of Dr Who searching for patterns, projects and ideas might be in order.

I found this quilt pattern at  That's a pretty big project!

Want something to do while watching TV (say the show) for awhile?  A LONG while?  How about knitting a Dr Who scarf?  I had NO idea there was so much into making this realistic!!  LOVED Tom Baker - probably my favorite Dr.

Into cross stitch?  Here's some GREAT bookmarks!

Do you crochet?  Into amigurumi?  Here's a Matt Smith you could whip up!
While we are at it, how about making a fez!
Want a quilt block of the Tardis? Paper piecing might be fun to try.

Here's another you can find over at Craftsy of the Tardis in flight!

Let me just say, check Pinterest and you'll find more ideas than you can EVER use!!

That should get our Dr Who-vian creativity going!  Have you run across any other great ideas to share?

Do tell!  I'm VERY interested!

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