Monday, April 28, 2014

Mining Monday: 10 Ideas for Organizing your world

After yesterday's fun video about recycled storage ideas, I thought I'd expand on the idea with a "Mining Monday" post as I am in great need, personally, for this.  My friend and I have determined our Chi is off and some organization would help... soooo.... Let's procrastinate / go hang out on Pinterest and get the ideas rolling!

We all know I have plenty of fabric AND lots of boxes, so this one seemed a natural start: fabric covered boxes!  The original idea came from a Belarussian site, so the author translated it: THANKS!
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I'm very much into the fabric/box "thing" - here's another GREAT tutorial with wonderful directions you need to check out from over at Positively Splendid.
Image from Positively Splendid

This next idea I would like to do on my crafting table: a Craft Room Lazy Susan.  I love the colors she chose and the concept. Bit of recycling and voila!
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Have a few books laying around?  (That's a bit of an understatement here...) This project is fantastic!  A "book sling" - who'd of thought, right?  This would be perfect for my grandsons!
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Any site who's tag line is : "Home of the Never Ending Honey-do-List" is a place I want to visit!
How about this idea: adding wheels to a wine box for under table storage?
I am a visual person - which means, I need to SEE my materials!  Sigh....makes for a bit of a mess, really.  I thought this idea from OneProjectCloser might fit the bill for me: a shoe bag organizer!  Take some time to check out their site: you can get LOST there!
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Most of these ideas take a wee bit of time and materials.  Here's one that's so simple it's CRAZY!  You can pop over to Smart Savvy Living for even more ideas!!

Speaking of hangers: here's one for washi tape (or other tape, as well!)  My only thought is that it's a bit of a pain to get at a roll on the far side, but it would get them up off the table and in view, right?
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Okay, this one isn't what one might think of as "storage" but... wait: how did they get both the fitted and flat sheets so... flat?  LOL!! Right, it's Martha!

Where was this idea when my kids were little?  I need to show my son this one for his boys!
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What sort of organizing ideas work for you?  We'd love to see!  I've added a Linky Tool you can use to share, if you'd like.

Have a great day!

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