Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter, however you celebrate: Ours is a scavenger hunt!

Adorable bunny from my friend Karen for the boys!
Sending best wishes for a happy Easter to you all, however you celebrate this holiday.  Whether it's time spent in church, with family, enjoying Easter fun with children, cooking or creating in your own way, I wish you the best.

We'll share a meal at lunch with part of our family (and a delicious ham cooked with a maple syrup/honey mustard glaze, of course!) hence crazy cleaning yesterday, then a super fun "first" with our grandsons - a plastic egg scavenger hunt I've devised to mix things up that will lead them to the books I bought.  Hehe!

Here's the set up:
  1. There are two of them (ages 3 & 4) so it's important that are two eggs at each "find". 
  2. We will start by giving each of them an egg with the first clue inside.  
  3. We'll head out (perhaps in their safari hats their mom got at the Smithsonian!) in search of the next clues.
  4. We will go from clue to clue (in the mailbox, on your slide, in the sap house, etc) till the final clue takes us to where the goodies are hidden!
Grandpa's Plow

By the big pine...

In your watering can...

On the blue tractor...
 I thought it would be OODLES more fun than just finding plastic eggs hidden in my living room and it's a gorgeous day outside!
Here's the final stop - Ryan's car seat!  :)
What Easter traditions do you have?
Best wishes to you all,

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