Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Year Ago Today --> Repurposing Jeans

Good morning, friends -
I thought that I would share a popular post from a year ago today with you for those of you who are new to the blog or might have missed it.  Let's take a look what to do with some old jeans!!

This post was from April 15, 2013...

My hubby decided it was time to part with a pile of his worst deadest most favorite jeans that had seen, as the saying goes "seen better days."  Long ago...better days.

He was going to bring them to the rag bag, but I stopped him short: "Hey, where are you going with those?"  Him: "Ummm... to toss them?"  Me: "OMG, NO!  I can re-purpose those!" Him: "Wait, does this have to do with your blog?" Me: "Blog...um...no....I am saving the earth!"  Him: "Really, because I am pretty sure I just saw a site open on the computer over there about what to do with dead jeans... and I am imagining YOU see a blog post in it..." Me: "Well...maybe..."

Once we cleared that up, he left me a pile of jeans and walked away...very quickly...before I changed my mind.  Yes, there was a blog post in them, probably a few, but we'll start with one today because it's Mining Monday and I need some ideas!  I mean, really, I have 5 pairs of ratty old jeans just lying here, waiting patiently.

The first idea I ran across that caught my eye was a bean bag toss game that would be perfect for my grandsons - they were here a couple times this weekend and something SOFT to throw appeals to me.  I found it at Chica and Jo, a great site for all sorts of fun crafts and games.

Dollar Store Crafts had this great placemat idea.  I'm into cloth napkins and placemats, a fairly new thing for me and these are so cute!  I might have to use something else for the body - not sure if there is enough that isn't too, well ruined, to use!

Because I am considering taking up crochet, or at least giving it the "old college try" again, maybe I need one of these denim project bags Lesa at Home Frostings designed.  I am pretty sure I could do this - might take 2 pairs of the dun-zo jeans or perhaps I make it a little smaller?

I definitely need more pot holders, with all the cooking I am doing, so maybe I need to give these a try!  It's a perfect use for the pockets, don't you think?  The website is Finish, but you can figure out what to do pretty much with her pictures.

Over the weekend I did a blog post that showed some great tea cozie ideas - here's another: a drink cozie made from the pocket area of a pair of jeans.  I think all these ideas together might work!

Here's one that the perfect use of the legs: a pennant!  I don't have the crazy cool machine to make the lettering, so I'd have to cut it out, but I've got some pretty sharp scissors I could use.

Well, I think these ideas would pretty much take care of the jeans.  Let's see what I come up with this week and I will let you know.

Have you done any repurposing/refashioning/recycling this week?  Do tell!
Quilty hugs,

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