Monday, April 7, 2014

Mining Monday: Mark it! DIY Bookmark Projects

I love to read.  Lots of folks in my family and circle of friends LOVE to read, so today's blog is all about making bookmarks.  Something every reader needs!

How about a cup of tea?  This one looks sooo cute from Genuine Mudpie.  Hop on over and take a peek at her wonderful directions!  She has multiple ideas here.

Here's one that's a sweet little heart?  Martha Stewarts website has some great description.

Do you like to do a bit of stitching?  How about this one using "chicken scratch" using gingham as a base from over on Kerri Made?

Do you have some fabric scraps and a pair of pinking shears handy?  Here's a great on over at Here and Home.

How about making your own paper and creating bookmarks from that from Disney's Spoonful site.

Want to use a Silhouette machine to design one?  Here you go!

These are some beautiful altered art bookmarks from MonicaZuniga.

Do you have any ideas on YOUR blog or website?  Have you run across some you'd like to share?  Pop them into to Linky Tool below and we'll take a peek.

Thanks and have a creative day,

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