Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Seedling Update

Good morning, everyone!

It's Wordless Wednesday, a chance to share an image or two from my world with little to no explanation - just the image.  Time to sit back, relax and look at all we have.

Feel free to link to this posting with your own images - we'd love to see.

Today is a glimpse at the progress my seedlings are making.  Looking good so far!

Oh... and a shot of a icy, cold leg once about 1/2 gallon of sap hit it.  Lesson: take your time when lifting a 5 gallon bucket up off the ground to carry it...and it's full... just sayin'...

Keep up the good work, guys ... warmer weather WILL come!

Quilty hugs,


  1. Your seedlings are coming along nicely!
    Brrrr on the icy cold sap splashed leg!
    Thanks for stopping over!

  2. The key will be whether or not I can keep them alive, Heather. :o)