Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIY Sock Projects

Good morning, everyone -

Well, those were some pretty weird socks the other day...  The "socks from sleeves" project got me thinking, though, about socks and wondering what fun ideas were out there to do with them OR to do with the socks I made if I find I don't care for them - rather like double re-using!

Here are some thing I came up with while out searching:

This one may find itself TOTALLY done for the dudes - idea and fabulous directions from Radmegan.

I had mentioned a puppet - here's a perfect one from Knickersockglory

I could cut them and make them cozies for pots, like these.

How about a sock wreath?

Not sure this would work with the "socks" I have, but I LOVE the idea of this sock bun!  Liz of Sayyestohoboken has GREAT directions!

Here's my version, using a bit of a smaller sock than the ones I am working withLooks like I have MUCH more hair than I do!

 I could put the two together and make a draft dodger for the front door!

How about a cozie for a coffee mug?  This link is for a pattern to knit/crochet - but I am thinking  I could do it with the sock.

So there are LOTS of things I could do with the "socks" if I decide I don't care for them being snuggly foot coverings.  Yay!

Any other ideas?  Let me know.


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