Sunday, March 3, 2013

Maple Sugaring Time!

Good morning, friends -

I had a chance to go out with hubby and son this weekend and brought my camera along to share where your maple syrup comes from!

The tank furthest from the sap house - down the "milk road." 

A view up the hill, from the tank.

Some trees are NOT on the line.

Another view up the hill to the taps.

Adding some taps - VERY cool tool Rory is using!

View from top, down towards the tank.

Getting ready ...

Transferring from stationary tank to portable tank.

How far can we get in 2+ feet of snow?

We got to here, then time for winch.

"We got this..."

More winching...


Needed a bit more weight... OR Bri just didn't want to walk!

Going back for another 10 gallons...

Some of our "vintage" buckets.

The end of the collecting part of the day.

One sweet little drip.

Was a lovely day outside and a great chance to see what the guys are up to.  Those of you who buy from us can see where it's coming from!

Quilty hugs,

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