Monday, March 25, 2013

Mining Monday: Easter Treats

Good morning, everyone!

Easter is  now just under a week away.  I thought it would be fun and helpful for this Memere to go in search of a bit of Easter fun. There's the food, the decorating and the treats for my grandsons.  Let's see what's out there in cyberspace, shall we?

How about starting with "yummy for the tummy," shall we?  I'd seen all over Pinterest that you could cook a ham in the crockpot.  I can tell you it's true.  Here's my rendition which we will be doing again the coming weekend as it frees up the oven for baking!

Carrie's Crockpot Ham

Pre-cooked, bone-in, ham
2 cups brown sugar
1 cup maple syrup
1/2 can of pineapple slices

Put ham in crockpot (mine needed "convincing" - IE: we had to cut some off to get it in!!).
Cover with brown sugar & then pour maple syrup over it.
Place pineapple on top and pour juice in as well.  I saved the rest of the pineapple for another recipe!
Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours.

NOW, on to more munching...

We usually make rolls.  I think this yummy looking recipe from My Honey's Place might do the trick.  Texas Roadhouse rolls are THE BEST!!!  Nothing lo-cal here...

These loaded mashed potatoes from Key Ingredient look might yummy...but then again, when doesn't bacon?  Just asking...

Now...on the dessert front...I can't get too crazy with this crowd - they like things like chocolate (which is all good in my book) and fruity goodness.  So, how about these incredible peanut butter cheesecake cookie bars from Inside BruCrew Life?  They SOUND amazing and have all the things we love: chocolate, peanut butter and cheesecake!!  Yup... think I'll be making this.

I mentioned fruit goodness - how about this fruity dessert pizza from My Pinterest Reality?  Not only does it look yummy, but somewhat healthy?  Well...except for the sugar cookie base?  :o)

Now it's time to think decorating, right?  We all know I'm no Martha, but I bet I could whip a few things up.  Let's see now, for starters, how about an egg tree?  Bits of Splendor has a sweet one on her site, here.

Of course one could go ALL OUT like they did here - that's a few more eggs than I have available.  Just sayin'...

How about a wreath?  I could handle that.  Here's a few I found:
My grandsons would love this one, but not sure how the peeps would do with the heat generated between my wooden door and glass storm door...might be melted peeps. That would probably end up being scary or a Pinterest FLOP!

Found this GREAT one over at My Creative Way.  We all know I have plenty of fabric, so this might be the one!  Head on over to her website and take a peek!

Lastly, treats for the dudes.  Hmmmm... I have some plastic eggs already - we like to fill them with candy treats and then hide the eggs all around the living room.  Did that all the years the kids were growing up - there are certain places the Easter Bunny likes to hide them every year... and to this day!
But, what else?

How about an Easter Cookie Decorating Kit?   I found this idea over at Savvy Mom.

Oh, man, how about their own I Spy book?  I got the idea from here, at Chalk Talk.   How about pasting pictures on paper (have a couple magazines already cut up some from my nieces journal project), writing what they are looking for and putting it in a booklet, or perhaps page protectors?  I got this!

I think I'm going to be pretty busy this week!  Lots of fun things to do.  I will let you know how these go and how many (if ANY) get done!

How about you?  What plans do you have for the upcoming holiday?
Enjoy your world,


  1. Thanks Carrie for sharing a recipe from my website. I also posted one of yours to my website and my facebook fan page.

    1. You are more than welcome - I've been waiting for a chance to try those rolls! Haha! This weekend is it! I am all about those rolls when we go to T.R.! Thanks for the posting, as well.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my Peanut Butter Cheesecake bars....I hope you get a chance to try them :-)

    1. I am gathering ingredients as we speak!! Can't wait!!