Thursday, March 7, 2013

Repurposed Project 1: Part 2 - Socks!!

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So... I took a look at the 3 pieces left: two sleeves and a neck.  I found the sleeves easier to think about and started playing around with them.

If I had a granddaughter, rather than grandsons, I would have turned them immediately into leggings!  They would have been adorable and perfect!  The dudes wouldn't be impressed, so I had to keep thinking. 

I pulled them on myself, to see if they would fit me - you know, how you wear boots and then they show?  NOT happening - when you felt things, they shrink - waaaaay too small for my calves.  BUT they did just fit on my feet and I thought: "Ah ha!!  Slippers!"

I turned them inside out and cut off the part that went over the shoulder.

I sewed them across the end and the first time they looked a wee bit wonky, so I re-did it with a bit of an angle cut off.  You can see that below (top = first try, one below = second try - wonky on left side of left sock, trimmed side on right of that).  The right one was trimmed on both sides.

Here's how they came out!  PERFECT for keeping the feeties warm on the nippy winter nights we have here.  If I had it available, I would add a bit of leather for a sole - when walking about the house, but I don't have any pieces large enough in stock.

These make me think of the ones I have when wearing Birks - but I will admit, the toe area of these would be a bit uncomfortable if they were scrunched into shoes of any kind.  They are definitely just to keep warm!

Now, there is always the option of turning them into puppets! A pair of googly eyes and some little ears and a hand puppet is made!

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