Friday, March 1, 2013

Gardening Dreams

Good morning, everyone!

The weather we've been having (MORE SNOW!!) is causing many New Englanders, including myself, to dream warm, sunny garden-like dreams.  Someone once said to me, "What would you do, if money were no object?"

Well, here's what I'd do:

First, we'd need some steps up to the garden - not quite as many as this, about half would do...lined with lovely purple flowers.

How about a log path around/through it?  This would actually be "do-able" in Whitt World.

What I like about this one is how neat, tidy and weed free it is! Sigh... oh, right, DREAMING!! 

Rather than grass, we'd use the log paths above for this one.

Here is a cucumber trellis - shades the lettuce.  How cool is that?

Then, a nice space for herbs - one option I saw is an herb wheel.  Very pretty - not too much of anyone kind?

 How about several of these, say one in each corner?

I like this garden for the overall look and appeal, especially the fruit trees in the back.  Add the log walkways from above and the arbor swing posted below and viola!

Now, to enjoy it all?  How about an arbor with a swing?  Ahhhh....yes....

What do you think?  What would you have in your "perfect" garden world?  Leave me ideas below - come on, there's oodles of snow out there, let's dream!

Quilty hugs,

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