Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Fabric "Scrunchie" Wreath

Good morning, friends -

I went right to work with the wreath idea I found at My Creative Way yesterday.  I tweaked the concept due to materials and what I wanted to achieve and I am pretty pleased with the results.

Here's the finished wreath, hanging on my front door:
My only concern is whether or not the washi tape will hold with the heat generated between the doors when the sun is out.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Here's how I did it:

I had a 21" x 44" piece of fabric, so I cut it in thirds and then sewed them into one long piece.

Rachel (at My Creative Way) using pinking shears to edge her wreath.  I don't have a pair (we'll have to remedy that one...) so I did a quick little hem so it wouldn't unravel

Next, I turned the other side under about 1 inch or so and sewed that to make the pocket you need to feed around the wreath wire.

Then, it's time to feed it through and bend the wire to close it off.  I used a hanger which worked well.

At this point I realized I had the two ends to join together.  I snipped in about 1/2" on both sides and then folded one over and began sewing them.

Since the hanger would look a bit icky, I covered it with a scrap of purple I had on hand.  I have a lot of scraps of purple on hand... I wrapped it around the wires and then stitched it on.

Time for the eggs!  Fortunately, the ones I had have little holes in the ends!  I ran a thread through them, taped them shut with washi tape and sewed them on to the wreath.  It was a bit of trial and error.

I had a piece of glittery purple ribbon (again, more purple) so I tied that in a bow and attached that to the top of the wreath as well.  Viola!  A gorgeous spring wreath on our front door!

Thanks goes out to Rachel at My Creative Way for putting me on to this idea!  Head over and check her page out.  
Quilty hugs,


  1. This looks so easy and awesome! Could do one every month for each holiday.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

    1. Great idea, Colleen - you totally could! It was a very quick project. You could just add some sort of object for the decoration and they would store flat easily. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a cute wreath! Thanks for partying with us at Time To Sparkle!

    1. Thanks! There were/are so many great ideas there, just one after another!