Saturday, March 15, 2014

True Story: The power of one small, single action

This morning I logged into my Etsy shop to see how things were looking.  Any good news I needed to be aware of?  And there it was: at the "Activity" button - someone had "liked" something I had listed.  Oh goodie...what was it?  Sweet, one of the Timeless Treasures Tonga Treat packages I shared with you all the other day.  Very cool.

I clicked on the little link and was transported to a lovely little quilt shop called Studio Juju Textile Art.  What made this super special was that some of her quilts were created using small pieces of fabric - EXACTLY what I was looking for this morning as I pondered what to share with you in how to utilize the Giveaway package I have for you this week!  The pattern she used is called Fractured Four Patch Pattern by Jennifer Sisco.  I'm currently trying to track that down for you.

Anywho... In my journey to find out more, I went to the Facebook page she had listed and poked around.  I happened to notice she had a link to her Etsy store that was very polished looking.  I thought I'd like to see how she set it up and viola!  It was a lovely app showing what she had available.  Gee whiz!  How cool was that?

As one often does in such situations, I saw a link saying "would you like this for your FB page?"  Well, duh, of course!  Especially since it was FREE!  (Keep in mind that in most situations like that, there is embedded advertising... so be it - if you can get a quick look at my Etsy shop then I'm in!)  There were a few easy steps to follow, a couple things to agree to and there it was!  My Etsy shop RIGHT on my Facebook page!

AND, I learned how to take a screenshot!!!  What a great morning!

All of this because a stranger took a moment to "like" one of my shop items!  Never underestimate the power of a small gesture.  

Quilty hugs today,


  1. Hi Carrie, because of your post I added an etsy button to my FB page. Thank you for spreading the word. I think it's worth a try, too.

  2. Jan - That's AWESOME!! I am so glad to hear it! What's your page? I'd like to check it out.
    Thanks for stopping by,