Thursday, March 6, 2014

Re-Visit Week: Ice Cream Sundae Kit

We are TRYING to think warm thoughts here in NH, so I thought dreaming of warm summer days and ice cream sundaes might be a great idea.  I brought LOTS of ice cream and the makings for sundaes to school the other afternoon for all the girls in our basketball program - perfect timing!

This project is a kit you can make up and give as a gift.  This particular one was well received by my niece for her birthday and was a fun way to play around with making my own chalk paint.

Hope you like this idea!

(From March 2012)

This one took a couple of days to work out, but here it is, a gift for someone special in our world: an ice cream sundae kit!

I combined several Pinterest ideas that I had come across: 
1.  Creating and using chalkboard paint;
2.  and a gift idea of ice cream sundaes.

I started by re-purposing a holiday bucket.  I don't know if I needed to sand it, but I did!

Then, I mixed up some paint and non-sanded grout (see link to chalkboard paint above) in a plastic container, outside as it makes a bit of dust.

Time to paint!

I think I might have made it a bit thick, but here's the result:

I let it dry while I headed off to work for the day.  Upon my return to the homestead, I got some pink chalk (I was thinking light, fun colors here) and wrote on the bucket "Just Add Ice Cream".  It will wipe off, so the bucket will be re-useable by the sweetie I am giving it to!

While I was out and about today,  I made a trip to the grocery store and picked up two different types of cones, a jar of hot fudge sauce and some candy - what are sundaes without goodies?  I added some tissue and tinsel and tucked it all in the bucket.  I am working on a card this afternoon to tuck some $$ in for the ice cream and viola!  The gift is done!

YUMMY!!  I will let you know how it's received tomorrow!

Happy crafting and see yah later!

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