Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LOVE Hoops --> Basketball Coach Gift!

I spend the winter with a trio of wonderful individuals that love what they do and make coaching fun.  I am speaking of the staff of our high school girls basketball team.  When you spend 6 days a week with someone from November to mid February you have plenty of laughs, some tears and always great memories.

This season I decided to give each of them a little something, basketball fanatics that they are, and came up with a fun Silhouette project I thought I'd share.

Here's the final result:

For those of you who've never used one of these wonderous machines... here's how I did it.

You start setting up the design with your computer (I'll go into that another time) and sending it to your Silhouette to cut.  This particular project was mostly vinyl.  Once the machine does it's magic, you pull off the excess and are left with this sweet set of letters:

The next step keeps things neat and tidy: you adhere a piece of transfer paper to the design you want to lift.  Scrape over it to stick the letters TO the transfer paper.  

Lift from one corner and viola!  The design lifts off the vinyl and is ready to add to a project, sticky side up.

I would have LOVED to have some basketball scrap paper, but, as with many of my projects, this was an "ooohhhh... let's try this..." so I took a piece of cream paper and used that as the background for the project.  I centered the word "love" and pressed it on.  You use the handy-dandy little scrapper again to help it stick by rubbing over it.

Then, just peel off the transfer paper - being sure the vinyl stays down.

The next part of the project was the word "hoop".  I went with black because I thought it would give good contrast and it was one of the only darks I currently have.   Same process: create on computer, send to Silhouette, pull off excess and ready to go.

Again, press piece of transfer paper over it...

Remove and it's in reverse...

Then lay it OVER the first word, go over with scrapper and remove the transfer paper.  I was a little concerned about whether or not it would behave when I pulled it off where the other letters were, so I really took my time and it was fine.

I added a basketball I'd made another time, for a bit of decoration.  It's glued down as it's cardstock.

Time for some jazzy stars!  Just so happen to have picked up some gold vinyl - PERFECT!

Once that was done, I popped it in the frame, latched the frame and LOVED the results!

If you have a Silhouette, you can find the design I used HERE.  That design is currently 25 cents!  Not sure how long that will be - but I love it!  Here is a link to the basketball.  I actually used the black line cut and put it on circles I made - I didn't know how to group and ungroup at that point, the circles are a wee bit wonky!

If you want to get a better look at a Silhouette machine you can check it out by clicking on this link: Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit Bundle Cutter It will take you to Amazon and the one I bought.  As an Amazon Associate, if you decide you just have to have one, they send me a little something to help keep the website up and running.  :)

The next project is a SUPER easy one I did for the girls on my team - but that's for tomorrow!

Have fun creating,

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