Friday, March 28, 2014

Bring on the Spring... banner that is...

We keep hoping and Mother Nature keeps tricking us...but here's my latest ploy to bring on spring: a fun Silhouette banner for the door!

This project was the FREE shape of the week last week... perfect!

I started with 3 different scrapbook papers that coordinated nicely.  I cut multiples of each one as well as the circles in the middle.  That way, I could mix and match.

Here's an OOPSIE!  New mat = super sticky = stuck paper

No worries - I just cut a circle out of it!  My children's art teach would have told me it was a "happy accident" - miss you, Chris!

Next, cut a few more out (peeling a bit more carefully) and the bodies were done.

All I had to do was glue the pennant and the circles together... oh and lay HEAVY books on top as the edges curled up like CRAZY!

I made the letters out of a solid purple and the flowers out of the same purple and a green and glued them on, wove a piece of the lovely batiks from my nieces quilt through the top to hold them and viola!

Spring may be avoiding us, but I'm trying!!

Happy creating!

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