Monday, March 3, 2014

Re-Visiting Week: Make your own pillowcases

Good morning, everyone!

Now that basketball season is over for me, I'm able to get back into the sewing/crafting mode.  YAY!!  If you stopped by yesterday, you saw the very cool mailbox makeover I did - can't wait to get that down on the post!

As I mentioned yesterday, you'll be seeing some projects based on my having just a little too much fun with my new Silhouette machine.  With an up-coming wedding in the family (oh yah... you'll be seeing those projects, too!) and all the other fun I like to have, this was a great choice for me.  You can check the machine out on Amazon: Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit Bundle Cutter

All that being said, I was looking back over some of the posts I've done and thought I'd re-share some of the more popular ones with all of those new to Whitt's Kits.  

One of the best was my Sausage Pillowcase post .  These are WAY fun and REALLY addictive!  You just need the material list below to get started.

Have fun and let me know how this goes for you!
Combined project: machine embroidered rose on pink pillowcase
Sausage Pillowcase How-To

You need:
3/4 yard of fabric for the body of the pillowcase
2" strip of coordinating fabric for the trim
10" of coordinating fabric for the accent

1. Begin by ironing your 2" trim strip in half, wrong sides together.

2. Lay the accent fabric on your work surface, right side up. 
3. Lay the 2" trim strip on top, matching the raw edges.
4. Lay the body fabric right side down, on top of the other two, matching the edges.  Pin across the raw edges.

5. Roll the body fabric UP towards the pins, until it's about 3" wide.

6. The accent fabric will now be "longer".  Bring it up over the body fabric, matching the raw edges and pin securely.

7. Sew along that edge with a 1/4" seam.

8. Pull the fabric out through one of the ends, hence the name "sausage."

9. Press the fabric.

Now, to create the French Seam to keep the raw edges encased.

10. Pin the WRONG sides together and sew a 1/4" seam down the side.  Stop and do another seam across the bottom.

11. Carefully trim off a wee bit, to take off any excess threads.

12. Turn the pillowcase INSIDE OUT and press the seams again. Then sew along the edge, creating your French Seam.  I use a 3/8" seam, to be sure my 1/4" seam is tucked inside.

13. Turn right side out and you are done!

You just HAVE to give this a try!  They are fun, easy and make a great gift to share.  Do you have trouble matching fabrics?  Want to see some combinations I've put together?  Jump on over to my Etsy store and take a look a the kits I have HERE.  They include a copy of the above directions and the material needed (3/4 yd, 9" and 2" pieces) to make a pillowcase.

Have fun creating,

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