Friday, March 7, 2014

Re-Visiting Week: Tote Bags

Today I am re-visiting another post that people seemed to like with lots of sites to find tote bags you can make.  Bags are a great idea for those left-over pieces of fabric or just fun projects you can do fairly quickly and feel good about.

Enjoy this post and let's get creating!


(From April, 2013)

Happy Friday, everyone (or whatever day of the week it is when you get a chance to read this!) -

I thought we'd go out in search of tote and/or bag patterns this week, what say you?  Up for it?  Great - let's go!

I think it's the color that drew me to this bag by Debbie Bliss.  It's a lined, knit bag done in pieces.  My thought there is that you could use up from your yarn stash to create it! 

How about a super cute tote made with GIANT fun ruffles?  Head over to Crafty Little Projects for her "how to" with excellent directions

Here's a pattern from Bethany at Sweet Bee Buzzing with a very clear PDF of directions (thank, so much, Bethany!!)  The pattern comes in 2 sizes and she gives some GREAT color coordinates with ones she's made.

This next one comes from Henry Glass Fabrics.  It's a quilted tote bag:
While we are considering bags designed by such places, here's one from JoAnn's Fabrics.  They call it a "Zest Tote Bag" - looks pretty zesty to me!

Have you ever done felting?  How about trying to felt a crocheted bag?   Petals to Picots gives directions for both the crocheting AND how to felt it after!  Perfect!

Studio Kat has some wonderful pattern for lots of different items.  Below is the Rug Bucket that caught my eye.  She literally makes them with a rug!  You'll need to scroll down the page this takes you to and click on the instructions

Do you have any pretty pillowcases hanging around, looking for something else to be made into?  Here's a pattern from Country Living to turn a pillowcase into a tote!

No extra pillowcases? Do you have a tank top that doesn't fit quite right you could turn into a tote?  Great idea, right?  Fly on over to Crafty Nest to learn how.

Let's finish up with an idea for using Plarn (plastic yarn...who knew?) to create a shopping bag.  PERFECT!  Cindy at My Recycled Bags has full directions for how to make plarn and how to create this fun bag!  Head on over!

Quilty hugs, 

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