Monday, March 17, 2014

Flannel, flannel, who likes flannel? I DO!

My last "sharing" of the fun fabrics I found last week
consists of some warm, soft, lovely flannel fabrics.   These are found in the bowels of where I do my fabric buying - a section I end up having to turn the lights on for since almost NO one goes down there!  It's quiet and I am surrounded by bolts of fabric whispering out to me: "Carrie, come see me...come touch and fall in love with my colors and feel..." I KNOW you've heard fabric talk to you, right?  Am I right? Whatever it is that you enjoy...

So... I ran my hands over the thick bolts of flannel.  Some I will take the whole thing, others I will ask them to split for me as I'm not sure you all will like them as much as I do.  I pick them up, set some aside, set others on the table to take.  The bolts smile, if bolts can smile, knowing they are going to a new home - rather like puppies at the pound!

Why do I like flannels?  They are soft and warm, at least quilt shop quality fabric ones are, even before washing.  I live in New Hampshire.  It's cold here.  Very cold and of late, snowy... don't get me started.  The first person in July that complains gets smacked!!  Back to the flannel.  It's soft.  Quilt shop quality flannels like RJR, are like wrapping in a cloud.  I particularly like making rag quilts with them - little ones and big ones enjoy them, as well.  I use a layer of flannel between the inside and outside as the lining....soft.  Oh so soft.

How about the colors?  This one was amazing to me: I love the print on black - really "pops."  It's an RJR, Sutton Hill, it's called.  It POPPED right off the shelf into my pile!  :)

This one caught my eye as a bit patriotic.  The design is large - larger than most I usually like.  I can see it as perhaps a quilt backing or a throw?

This next one fits the outdoorsie look my hubby likes.  I think it's another that would make a nice quilt back on something for him, or perhaps create a project with the blocks?

This last one I got to use on a quilt for my grandson's, if it doesn't sell: It's Thomas the Train!! Like so many 3 and 4-year-olds, they have trains and love Thomas!  It was awfully cute.

So that's ends my fabric tale for now.  You've seen what grabbed me and I grabbed to share with you. Heehee... Gosh but I love what I do.

Now don't forget, you can win a set of Tonga Batiks, those gorgeous Pink Lemonade colors.... just enter using the Rafflecopter below.  Good luck!  I am working on a post in the next few days to figure out just what one might do with such gorgeous small pieces as these! 

Thanks and have a great day,

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  1. Hmm, I'm thinking something for the girly girls with these colors, but not sure what yet..