Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday Weekend...

So it's been a busy one, so far!

We fixed up and then drove my daughter her car from high school out to meet her 1/2 way, in Pennsylvania. Getting it ready was an experience in and of itself! Ah....the stress of fixing and getting a used car to pass inspection...But ... done...check!

Packaged up orders off ebay...remembering to put Tuesday's date as the shipping did June come our way so quickly? Done...check!

Went to Keach Park in Concord with the family...nice place for a quick lunch and then playing on the playground! WAY too much fun w/my grandson! He LOVES to swing! That is HIM at the top of this post! Fun...done...check!

BBQ'd steaks from a new source: WOW was it good!! Anyone local to us: Harris's Convenience NOW has meat!! I know what you are thinking...but it's amazingly good! More fun...done...check!

Now getting ready to head to Charmingfare Farm with my son, his wife and their son ~ can't wait!! Should be soooo fun! Means lots more pictures! Lol! Wicked lots of be done...sort of check?

Then, we'll probably end the weekend with one more BBQ...basic burgers this time, but yummy!

Overall, perhaps a bit more balance for me than my normal weekends! Those of you who run your own business, will know what I mean: free time means work time, time to create, time to put what you've been working on out there! A "work-aholic" who works for themselves, out of their home = dangerous combo! But hey, at least I AM here if need be...right? to make a picnic lunch...ready to head to Charmingfare! Enjoy YOUR weekend, all!

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