Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Shout-Out: Bluebird Gardens

This weekend I peeked through my Facebook fans list and ran across Charlotte from Bluebird Gardens Quilts and Gifts. I always enjoy reading what she has to say, so I thought I would give her this weekend’s Whitt’s Kits Shout-Out!

Charlotte describes what she does on her Facebook page:

Welcome to Bluebird Gardens Quilts and Gifts! We help you make quilts, gifts, refinish furniture, cook fun dishes and garden so you can easily make gifts and home decor that make people feel special.From personalized baby quilts to photo memory quilts and handmade pillows, rag dolls, hard to find but practical and whimsical gardening, quilting and pet gifts, we've been helping customers make special gifts for 11 yrs.

While perusing her Etsy store ( ), the red hand quilt caught my eye ~ could have something to do with those years as an elementary teacher! I would have LOVED one of those to mark the time spent with my students! Nice job, Charlotte!

She also has a wonderful blog filled with creative ideas on gardening & quilting and soooo informative! I really liked the blog about container gardening...may have to give that a try!

Thanks for sharing your world with us, Charlotte!
Quilty Hugs, Carrie

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