Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So this grandparent gig: VERY COOL!

Despite the fact hubby and I didn't feel we were OLD ENOUGH to be grandparents, he reminded me that we were the same age my son is now when we had him...eons ago! Sigh...

So, that being said, it has been marvelous having he, his wife and adorable son living near by us now. What was seeing them once a month, maybe, has turned to multiple times during the week and lots of fun! Ah...the generational thing!

What that has done for my crafting world is to OPEN IT UP! Lol! Hey, I'm a Memere now...gotta make the latest goodies! My little bugger was up yesterday and I had things to wipe up at the ready...you know, 11 month-olds are like that! But they were plain...a bit boring...okay: naked white diapers! Can't be having that!

After sorting my world out today, I headed down to the studio space and pulled out the package of cloth diapers I'd picked up on a previous trip to the big city and then wandered into the fabric room...hmmm....the possibilities are so endless in there!

I ended up with some fun combinations. A handful are mine to use and the rest, yup, you guessed it: on Etsy! Here is one set: http://www.etsy.com/listing/47457054/pair-of-burp-cloths-colorful-butterflies They were way too much fun to do and I'll pop a tutorial up when I get the chance.

Off to pull the bread out of the oven and finish getting dinner ready ~ night all!

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