Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy birthday, hon!

Well, hubby has joined me in the 1/2 Century Club this morning! YEA!! What a great place I find this to be! A year ago I was staring down the face of turning 50. I thought about how I wanted to celebrate this landmark. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane did not appeal to me (I prefer sitting buckled in at that point!) swirling down the rapids in January? (A wee bit chilly, imho!) A vacation in a warm location? Now that was appealing, but it was during wrestling season, so I would have had to go alone...boring.

My boss and friend assured me when I figured out what it was, I'd know. So, I kept thinking about it. Then it hit me: rather than doing one thing that would be over and done in an instant (or perhaps NOT quite fast enough, if I'd gone w/the plane or rafting idea...) how about something smaller each month? Things that I'd always wanted to do, but never had the time, OR needed to push myself a bit to achieve? It was an "Ah Ha!" moment and now that I am almost 1/2 way through the year I've LOVED it!

I began by treating myself to a lovely pink leather journal (thanks Steeles, for such quality items) and then sat down wondering exactly WHAT did I want to do? I made myself a bit of a list and began to journal (infrequently, but hey, what can I say?) about what I was trying to do.

I am encouraged to say that I am about 1/2 way through the original list, but have ADDED (as all good listmakers know) a few along the way!! While at Disney with my daughter this February, we BOTH stepped outside our comfort zones & went on the Aerosmith ride! OMG!!! What a rush!! What fun!! We'll both do that again!!

I've also made some trips to museums that I wanted to go to (thanks, Michelle, for that wonderful trip to the Currier FOR my birthday and what fun with Kelly, Ryan and little Ryan to go the Quadrangle in Springfield!), have started yoga (Ms. D, you'd be proud) and am working on Christmas being hand-made this year!

Most importantly, life feels good! So, guess it's working!

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