Friday, May 28, 2010

Thankful for...

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve had a chance to pop in here.

I was thinking about what I am thankful for in my life the other day, lots, actually!

I am thankful that I was born into a family that live close by one another. I knew one great-grandmother and all my grandparents ~ having wonderful memories of all of them! Had the best time recently chatting with my cousin about our paternal grandparents…such wonderful memories I didn’t even realize were there! In turn, my first grand child just moved next door and lives in the house his great, great grandparents lived in!

My family also valued all the people in it. Each of us brought/bring “something to the table” as it were. It sometimes amazes me how genetics works: we can LOOK so alike and yet BE so different sometimes and yet so similar other times. To see my dad’s eyes in my son and then him in his son…amazing…all I can say!

I am thankful for the wonderful man I married ~ my best friend for more years now then not! Someone who brings the best to the world each day and is a gift to others as well.

I am thankful for my children ~ healthy, happy, adjusted buggers that they are! Each of them is my “hero” for their own reasons ~ each has enriched the world in their own way, and mine as well.

I am thankful for all the friends I have made in these 50 years ~ friends who’ve come in and out (women are like that…LOVE that about us!) and back in again…who I can call on at a moment’s notice…who “have my back” and vice versa… and who are facing this whole “aging” (aghast!) thing together.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a coach and a coach’s wife. It has brought (and continues to bring) so many wonderful young people into our lives. Their energy, their strength and their weaknesses brings the reality of life into our world day in and day out.

I am thankful for my home. It may not be the nicest on the block, but I realize it’s a place that my family and our friends are comfortable in. That comfort, like the MasterCard commercial, is priceless.

I guess the bottom line is that so much of my world is priceless…I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love along with what I like. Not everyone has that option in this world.
Thanks life! Like the saying on the T-Shirts: “Life is good!” It’s not always easy, not always fun, but all in all…it’s good!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend all ~ I hope you can spend it with those you love and create new memories on this day!

Quilty hugs,

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