Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fan drawings can't happen on Facebook!

Okay, just when I was having fun sharing goodies w/Fans, I realize: "Ooops! A no-no!" http://www.insidefacebook.com/2009/11/06/facebook-updates-promosweepstakes-guidelines-for-pages-and-apps-what-it-means-for-marketers/

So, like some of the folks I've been chatting with, I am going to have to offer it here! (Am hoping THAT will be okay ~ if not, we'll find out!)

As I better understand HOW to working this blog, I am sure it will all look better and such, BUT for the time being, here goes!

** I am hoping that just automatically selecting a random fan each time I hit another 100 will be okay! (I use www.random.org to select a number) As long as it is, that person will win their choice of single pillowcase kit (not pairs) I have made up that is available on either eBay or Etsy! They come with complete directions and are sooooo fun and easy to make! So, stop by either of those sites (feed is to the right) and take a peek to see which one YOU want if YOU are the winner!!

This may still not quite fit the requirements. If so, I will change it to doing the drawings from here ~ just NOT quite sure how to do that yet! I am a "baby" in the blogging world!

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