Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend Shout-out: Widow's Walk

Each weekend I dive into my Fan base and grab someone to chat about here. This week, I thought I'd share about Gail from Widow's Walk! Gail does some beautiful knitting and has some of the funniest conversations every day!

Here is some about her from her Etsy profile:

"Welcome to The Widow's Walk! At the age of 6 or so, a neighbor tried to teach me embroidery.

In 5th grade I discovered a love and talent for drawing and painting. In my teens I learned to crochet. And in my early 20's I learned to knit. I still love and dabble in all things creative, but my true love (for now) is knitting.

"Shop name: To those of you who may not be familiar with the term, this excerpt from a poem by Kenneth Finn is probably the best description I can provide. "On the tops of the old sea captain's houses is a walkway, high on the roof, called a Widow's Walk and the wives of the captains were supposed to go up there and look for the return of their husband's ship from the sea. A large percentage of the captains never came back. Thus the daily walks, had nothing to do with viewing ships. The walks were the recognition, that these women were not truly in control of anything in their lives. It was a constant reminder."

"When working outside the home full time, I always felt deprived of the time I had for my craft projects. Then, the "powers that be" out-sourced my job, which devastated me at the time. I now see it as one of the greatest blessings I could have received. It allowed me to have the time that I needed to care for my Mother, and caring for my Mother gave me the time to pursue my creations.

"I live on the coast of Virginia, and love everything associated with the sea, so the name and description fits perfectly, and doesn't pigeon hole me into only one area of creativity.

"Even if we are not truly in control of anything in our lives, there is always a silver lining to those thunderclouds if you look hard enough."

Gail is a gifted woman both creatively both in yarn and in conversation. I hope you take a moment and check out her work!

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