Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Eco-Free Laundry Detergent

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The other day I gave you an update on my homemade eco-friendly laundry detergent.  Here's some things you might want to consider, if you aren't sold on trying it yet.

  • Making eco-friendly laundry detergent is easy. You can find all the ingredients you need at your local supermarket. When I first bought some washing soda, I had to order it through my hardware store (thank you, Edmund’s Hardware!)  Now I have been able to find it at the grocery store – I think more and more people are trying it!
  • It saves you money.  The ingredients are less expensive than buying a jug of manufactured detergent. Plus, a homemade batch will last you quite a long time.The sign above is vintage, but it's true if you make your own!
  • It isn’t made with as many chemicals so it’s better for the environment.

I found another formula using soap flakes (rather than Fels Naptha soap).  If you try this one, let me know what you think – I would like to give it a try when I finish this container’s worth.
I also have another option for you, if you like to use liquid detergent.

Powder Detergent Ingredients:
* 1 cup borax
* 1 cup washing soda
* 2 cups soap flakes (use glycerin or other natural soap grated with a cheese grater or food processor)
* 1 Large bowl or bucket for mixing
* Storage container

Simply combine the ingredients in a large bowl. Store in your container of choice. When ready, use approximately 1/8 of a cup of detergent. 

Note: The ration for powder detergent is one borax to one washing soda to two soap flakes. So you could easily double, triple or quadruple the recipe. Just keep the proportions equal.

Liquid Detergent Ingredients:
* Cheese grater (Sturdy food processor with a grating attachment or a blender can work well too)
* Large saucepan  (needs to hold at least six cups of water)
* 8 oz. soap (glycerin or other natural soap works best.)
* 2 cup washing soda – you can find this at your local home store or supermarket
* 2 cup borax
* Large bucket. Needs to hold approximately two gallons.
* Water  
* Storage container 


1. Grate 8 ounces of your soap (about one cup)
2.  Turn burner on to medium low. Heat six cups of water in large saucepan. Slowly add soap flakes. Let them dissolve before adding more.
3.  Add washing soda and borax. Continue stirring. Mixture will thicken. Remove from heat.
4.  Add four cups of hot water to your bucket. Pour soap mixture into the water. Stir to combine.
5.  Add another gallon of water to the mixture. If you’re using a two gallon bucket simply fill the rest of the bucket up with water. Stir well. Let sit overnight.
6.  Pour mixture into your storage container. When you’re ready to do laundry, use ¼ cup of detergent per load.

The liquid options is definitely more time consuming, but if you love liquid and it's all you want to use, this is a great option.  My daughter-in-law swears by her homemade liquid detergent, so it's worth a try!

Let me know what you think.  Do you have a formula that works for you?  Do tell!


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