Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Mining: Tomatoes... What on Earth do I do now?

Good morning, friends!

You might have seen my pictures of the tomato plants I started.  A-L-L of the plants I started.  There are quite a few - oodles, really.  I am realizing that now I need to figure out what on Earth I am going to do with them?  How will I plant them?  Where?  Any tricks?

I thought it would be a great use of today's Monday Mining to go out in search of tomato info.  That being said, let me ask YOU, as well!

1. When do you plant your tomatoes outside?
2.  How do you plant them?  Buckets?  Raised beds?  Right out in the garden?
3.  How do you protect them?
4. What are your favorite types?

**Leave me your thoughts in the comments, if you would!  I'd love to hear what you do!

Till I hear from you, here's some of what I found.

Five Tips for planting tomatoes:
Interesting - they suggest this weekend is an okay time to plant them and that the chance of frost is gone.  That would be lovely if my 5 zillion plants were big enough!  Not sure they are.  Now the squash, on the other hand...

I was thinking about containers for the cherry tomatoes - something we could put on the deck? 

Holy cow, have you tried this?  I know where there are some buckets ( house...) but I am not sure where I'd hang them.  Do they have to be on the house?  That wouldn't work for me... Fun concept, though.

I found this good video for beginners, like me!

This last bit talks about when and how to transplant.  I am a wee bit worried since mine are much smaller at this point.  Bummer!  Come on guys, GROW!
These are NOT mine, but the image from the Country Basket.

Well, you can see I need advice.  Anything you can share with me to help make this successful?  Thanks in advance!


  1. I like the bucket idea. I usually pick up 2-3 tomato plants each year that are in 1 gal pots. I have been able to not kill them and often get enough to take care of salad. It is about the only thing I've had any success growing. Kudos to you for your bigger efforts!

  2. Thanks - but my bigger efforts may cause me a great deal of distress...or the deer may have a fabulous meal! :) Fingers crossed we get some!