Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fun with my grandsons!

On Friday I posted some ideas for fun with my grandsons this past weekend on Friday Favs. There was some food fun and crafty thoughts.  We had a chance to do several of them and I thought I'd share the results.

I didn't get a chance to do the fruit plate - they ate the fruit BEFORE I could make it look all cute!  Oh well, it was yummy anyway.

We didn't need to make our own instruments (didn't get a chance to, really) but the boys found a couple recorders and regaled us with screeching noise music for awhile. It improved greatly when we popped on a Youtube video of The Lumineers - "Ho Hey" and one sang along while the other kept the beat with the recorder - seriously funny!

I would highly recommend the terrariums.  As I thought, it was a nice chunk of time spent outside collecting goodies. Myster was all about the plants - younger brother just wanted rocks!!  They filled the containers, toted them to the porch in their wheelbarrow and set to work creating once they were inside.

Youngest enjoyed pouring the rocks and sand in - he FILLED it with plants.  The above photo is Memere's "thinning" result.  Their terrariums came out pretty good for a 2 and a 3-year-old! You should definitely zip over to Parent Pretty so see how to make these.  Shauna looked at the site, made a list of what they needed and took that out with them because Myster loves to check things off!

The other huge hit was the pretzels!  As expected, the dough rolling was way too much fun!!  I'll be posting the recipe we used, our adaptations and some photos of the results on What's to Eat?  soon.  Till then... here's some process:

It was fantastic fun and the resulting pretzels were delicious!  Way to go, boys!

Have a great day and happy creating,


  1. What darlings! It looks like you had fun, too, Grandma!

  2. I did, I did! Have my daughter around REALLY helps, too! These guys are FILLED with energy! <3