Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Soapbox time! ILL Van!!

Good morning, friends!

I don't jump up on my soapbox very often, but after a stop at my local library yesterday afternoon and a quick conversation with my lovely lady friends there, I NEED to speak directly to ANYONE living in New Hampshire!

Do you read?  Do you ever need a book that your local library doesn't have on the shelves?  The librarians are such wonderful resources and have created a system called "Inter Library Loan" whereby THEY can get you a book from any town or college library in the state!!  The trick is that a funny little blue van drives from place to place picking up and delivering.  It is a wonderful system and works FABULOUSLY!  From fiction to non-fiction research, Leslie can get me just about ANY book I could possibly want or need, usually within a week!  No kidding!

Well, someone has decided to "save the state money" that they should eliminate the ILL van!!  NO MORE SHARING!  No more working together!  No more getting books from libraries we can not access any other way!  WHAT?!?!?!?!

Go to your local library today, tomorrow, the next day it is open and SIGN the petition!  Time is short - get there quick!!

Okay.... off to work... :o)

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