Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2011 Holiday Challenge

Perhaps it's because we got 2 feet of snow for Halloween this year (a history making event, according to the Weather Channel).  Or maybe because I need to stretch the holiday dollar farther this year.  Whatever the reason, I am (for one of the first times) looking at planning out the holiday season and seeing what we can do to enjoy more on less.

I thought it might be fun, informative and a good way to garner more ideas by sharing thoughts with you all and asking for yours in return!  To that end, I thought we'd do a bit of a Holiday Challenge!  The coach/athlete in me enjoys such things...

Every day (God willing and the creek don't rise, or snow fall, or power go off!) I will share thoughts and ideas for holiday fun!  Some days will just be things for you to consider, other days I'll be looking for your input - "linky party-like" or just good recipes, fun ideas, great gifts... you get the drift!  I would also like to offer a prize a week.  Remember BEFORE field hockey?  I had that idea?  Fell flat on my face - couldn't get out of my own way to make it, as the saying goes: it's not how many times you fall, it's getting up just one more! So I have lots of goodies in need of a new home.. how about YOURS?

Let's start this ball rolling by brainstorming ideas for what we can look into from now till ... well... we are done!  I would like to consider the following:
  • Christmas cards ... hand-made... how about ones using photos, scrapbooking, or fabric?
  • Food (wait, should that have been first?) This is a good one as it would touch on several food related events over the next 2 months... recipes for meals, recipes for goodie giveaways for gifts, candy...yum!!
  • Decorations - again a good one over the 2 months as we've got LOTS to work with!  Nature-based will be a definite as, well, I live in the woods!!  That is assuming the snow melts a bit and I can GET AT the woods!  I was thinking wreaths, ornaments, lighting, table-scapes (as that woman on tv calls them...), and anything else we can come up with!
  • Giving - the idea of the season?  Where can we put our time and the money we do have?
  • Gifts ... ah... a homemade Christmas?  We shall see!
So, what do you guys think?  Are you with me?  Ready to enjoy a FUN season?  I know I am!  Off to start plotting (oh... I mean planning)!!
Quilty hugs!

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