Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My name is Carrie. I have a fabric stash...

Yes, that's right. I admit it. I have a bit of fabric on hand. Granted, I am fortunate that I sell it on eBay, gives me an excuse... the photo above is...well...a teeny tiny piece, a corner of one of 3 rooms with fabric...sigh...
When I go on a buying trip to south of Boston, it's an all day event, as one might expect. It's a 3 hour drive (if I've timed it wrong and find myself trying to edge my way into the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way down). Have to remember NOT to drink too much Dunkin' Donuts coffee on the way...can bit a bit tricky if I get caught in that!!
Then...I get there! Sometimes I have a list for Ricki to locate: "I need RJR # blah, blah...Timeless Treasures # whatever...and oh, do you have any Fossil Fern in purple?" So I stack up the bolts I want in little rows and then...joy oh joy, I head into the boxes! As a tactile person, this is the BEST! I sort through pound after pound of beautiful fabrics snagging all the ones I like.
There, I've said it: "...the ones I like" ~ yes, I choose fabrics I like!!! It's like archeology or "mining" as we say at work (a historical society) ~ that's it...I'm mining!! Looking for the "gem" in the boxes of fabrics ~ the undamaged pieces of colorful fabric that would make a lovely...well, I don't know...but it's lovely!
So, that is where my eBay fabrics come from ... a trip into the warehouse, digging through box after box and "mining"...looking for the perfect fabric for well, whatever! Perfect for me, perfect for the creative ideas I have and will have and perfect for the customers who stop by! There we go...right, customers!! It's not all about me! PHEW!! I do it all for them!!! Whooo hooo, I am FREE!!!
(okay, maybe not, but it sounded good, didn't it?)
So, stop by my eBay store and see what "gems" I have snagged recently. It's fun!
Oh...and if you'd like, let me know if there is something particular you are looking for ... I'd LOVE TO SEARCH FOR IT!!! Muahahaha!
Quilty hugs,


  1. You are a hoot, GF! Yes, fabric is very personal...gotta love it to spend hours hovered over it creating the perfect...whatever!! Your pillowcase combos are just fabulous, and without this major STASH you wouldn't be able to pull together such great combos!! And now the pillows!!! Can't wait to see more, more, more of those!! Keep up the great work, Sweetie! Your cuz.

  2. Ah man, thanks, hon! Been having a BIT TOO MUCH fun today working with flannel and Minkee! I'm experimenting to see how it goes, what I like and such and then I'll make some for the grandbabies! <3